New Scientist article You might be wondering what to do with all that bathroom stuff.

Here are 10 toiletries that can be a good idea for the toilet.1.

Bamboo flooring with a toilet seat2.

The classic toilet bowl with a bowl3.

The toilet seat for your toilet4.

A new toilet seat to help you feel more comfortable5.

A hand mirror to take your bathroom back to its natural state6.

A glass bowl for your bathroom to soak up all the toilet water7.

A toilet seat with a cushion8.

A bathroom mirror that looks a little like a real toilet seat9.

A mirror to keep the water from dripping from your toilet10.

A pair of mirrors for the bathroom11.

A towel that looks like a toilet towel12.

A shower curtain13.

A tub of toilet water with a towel14.

A little toilet to rinse your hands after using the bathroom15.

A soap dispenser for the tub of water16.

A water pipe for a shower curtain17.

A piece of toilet paper18.

A bathtub mirror19.

A small bucket for a toilet to drink from20.

A bucket for you to clean your hands21.

A tiny bowl to hold the water that you have in your bathroom22.

A bottle to drink your water23.

A toothbrush24.

A shaving cream25.

A tumbler to rinse the toothbrush26.

A big toothbrush27.

A bowl to rinse a toothbrush28.

A shampoo bottle for a brush29.

A baby bottle to rinse it with30.

A brush that can handle a toothpick31.

A tube to use for a toothpaste32.

A lint-free sponge33.

A disposable toothbrush34.

A comb for combing your hair35.

A hair brush for brushing your hair36.

A washcloth for brushing hair37.

A sponge brush38.

A bar of soap for brushing a hairbrush39.

A pom pom to brush your hair40.

A face mask to protect your skin from germs41.

A plastic tube to keep your face clean42.

A pillow43.

A mask44.

A bandana45.

A waterproof spray bottle46.

A cloth towel47.

A cap for a pillow48.

A hat to wear to work49.

A mug for a coffee50.

A backpack for a lunchbreak51.

A purse for taking out the trash52.

A blanket to wear at home53.

A rain jacket54.

A helmet55.

A T-shirt56.

A hooded sweatshirt57.

A long sleeve shirt58.

A sweatshirt59.

A fleece shirt60.

A baseball cap61.

A coat62.

A sweater63.

A short sleeve shirt64.

A polo shirt65.

A mitt66.

A knit hat67.

A jacket68.

A beanie69.

A shirt70.

A skirt71.

A belt72.

A rubber band73.

A scarf74.

A tie75.

A keyring76.

A necklace77.

A watchband78.

A leather bracelet79.

A clip-on hat80.

A nail clippers81.

A ring binder82.

A bracelet 83.

A pen 84.

A compass85.

A pencil 86.

A coin 87.

A ruler88.

A clock 89.

A flashlight90.

A tape measure91.

A calculator92.

A thermometer93.

A stick 94.

A magnet 95.

A spoon 96.

A condom97.

A needle98.

A tissue 99.

A cotton ball100.

A bag101. A rag

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