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John Whitesides



Reuters political correspondent

Washington DC
Joined December 2010

Standing room only crowd of more than 250 awaits Gingrich at his first South Carolina stop in Rock Hill

Gingrich says a moderate can't beat Obama. Neither can someone who is 'inarticulate' or someone 'with no record of achievement.'

At first South Carolina stop post-NH, Gingrich never utters the name Mitt Romney

"What kind of tree is that?" Romney asks crowd at outoor rally at Wofford College, pointing to foliage. Lots of blank stares ...

Romney says congressmen like Gingrich taking credit for creating jobs is like Al Gore taking credit for inventing Internet

Romney has final Nevada rally In parking lot of a pizza restaurant in Henderson. "I know I did well in Henderson last time, Thank you."

Crowd at bar in Paris casino in Vegas way more attentive to Madonna than game

Band plays 'I'm a Believer' as Romney takes stage in Mesa, Arizona

In Ohio, Santorum says Obama and Democrats are "condescending" to the American people.

At Birmingham factory rally, Alabama lead singer Randy Owen takes the mike from Romney to belt out a verse of "Sweet Home Alabama"

Jennifer Granholm lights up DNC on auto bailout. "In Romney's world, the cars get the elevator, the workers get the shaft"

Charlie Crist gets a special fan on stage to blow air up his leg during speech

Stage manager runs to retrieve Charlie Crist leg fan afterwards ... it's just for him, apparently

Biden points to Axelrod on side of podium as he hits stage, gets a thumbs-up from Michelle Obama

Jill Biden had to chase Joe all the way across stage to give him a hug - he was too busy waving to see her coming

Biden shakes hands with Democratic convention managers sitting on podium on way out - shares words with Axelrod and Erik Smith

Michelle and Obama daughters waiting backstage with him during film ...

Confetti instead of balloons - not the same

Springsteen, hitting stage after Bill Clinton in Ohio, says it's like following Elvis

Democratic Senator Kamala Harris jumps into 2020 White House race

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