A friend has a new, and potentially dangerous, toilet.

He’s having a bathtub remodel in the next few months, and his girlfriend is using the bathtub as a bed.

He asks her to remove the plastic shower curtain, and then asks her for the water bottle, because the water in the bathroom needs to be boiled.

She’s not sure what he’s talking about, but he’s not letting her do that.

She tells him she doesn’t want it, so he’s taking her to court.

She goes on to say that the water needs to go back in the tub, and that’s where the lawsuit will be filed.

The court documents also say that she’s in violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act, and is also in violation for refusing to use the bathroom, even though the water isn’t boiling.

In the end, she agrees to let him do the water, and they both decide to call a lawyer.

When he finally gets his water, he says it’s just too hot.

He tells her he’s having too much fun, and she agrees that she wants to have a little fun.

Then he says, “I think I’ll have to do the bathroom,” and she says, ”No, I don’t want to have to.

“She is not allowed to do that, and so the next time they use the toilet, the water goes in and out, but she can’t use it.

The judge rules that because she’s not allowed, she’s violating the ADA.

She tells the judge, “If I had a choice, I’d do the toilet.”

And then the judge says, I’ll see you in court.”

So why is it OK to take the bathwater to court, but not to wash it?

That’s the question that came up in an interview with ABC News’ Diane Sawyer on Thursday, where Sawyer also talked about the ADA’s “bathroom rule.”

“I think it’s pretty common for us to take baths in our own bathrooms,” Sawyer said.

“In fact, it’s probably the biggest reason why we don’t have toilets, because if you’re in a restroom, there’s a bathroom rule that you don’t go to the bathroom in your own bathroom.

You go to your bathroom, and you’re supposed to have the right to wash yourself.

So, I think you can go in there and wash yourself and then come back out and use the restroom, and it’s fine.”

According to the American Civil Liberties Union, in 2015, the number of bathrooms in the U.S. was more than 50 million.

It’s not clear how many of those bathrooms have ADA-compliant plumbing.

And even if they do, Sawyer says it could be a lot easier for someone to navigate the bathroom than it is for someone with a disability.

“When people go in and wash themselves in a public restroom, they have to put on a mask, and sometimes they don’t know what they’re doing,” Sawyer told Sawyer.

“You don’t get to know how you’re doing it.

So they don.

But if you’ve got a disability, then you can use the public bathroom in the restroom.”

And while Sawyer says she can understand that people may not want to wash themselves, the fact that the bathroom rule isn’t enforced is “one of the things that’s going to help us,” she added.

“We can’t just let it go.”

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