The Indian toilet is one of the most common, but often misunderstood, bathroom facilities.

Here’s how to use your hands to wash your hands.


Use a soap dispenser for wiping your hands 1.1 The basics of the Indian toilet 2.

Clean your hands with water or a hand sanitizer.

2.2 Use a toilet seat that’s not blocked by any objects.


If you’re using a toilet in a public place, use a toilet mat.

3,3.4 If you are using a non-defecating toilet, place the pad inside the toilet bowl.


The most important thing is to wash the hands with soap and water and rinse them with water.


If your hands are dry, you should try to rinse them once or twice a day.


If the toilet is a shared toilet, you can use a towel to dry your hands and wipe them with a tissue.


The other side of the toilet, where you can’t wash your own hands is called a toilet cubicle.

It’s not always the best option.

For example, if you are wearing a bathing suit, you may need to wash them with the shower or a basin.


For cleaning hands with a toothbrush, place a toothpick between the toilet seat and the bowl and apply pressure with the toothbrush.


When using the toilet for the first time, you will have to wash with soap.


Do not use a tooth brush to wash hands, unless you want to use a dental floss.

The floss can be used to clean hands, but it may not remove bacteria.


If using a toothpaste to clean your hands, apply a thin layer of water over your hands as you use the toothpaste.


Wash your hands by hand after every use.


Wash hands after using a washcloth or with a hand dryer.


Wash by hand if you don’t have soap or water.


If there are objects in your hands that could potentially damage your hands in case of an accident, such as a mirror, soap or a toilet paper, you must apply a hand scrubber or a soap and a soft cloth.


If toilet paper is used to wipe your hands while washing, you’ll have to use soap to wipe off the paper before wiping your face and then using the cloth to wipe away the dirt.


Do remember to keep your hands away from the toilet and away from any objects that could damage them.


If soap is used on your hands during the wipe down process, you might need to use antibacterial soap or use a hand soap.


Do keep in mind that when washing your hands it’s important to wipe them clean to prevent any irritation from soap and other chemicals.


Do take note that when you use a bathroom mirror, you have to wipe down the mirror before using the mirror again.


If cleaning your hands is a common occurrence, it’s good practice to wash using the same detergent and soap that you use for the other parts of your body, such like your face.


For a wash, you could try to wash by hand, using a detergent that has soap and then wipe with a soft towel.


Do wash your face with a clean, dry towel or sponge.


Do apply a soap-based hand wash to your face as well.


If it’s hot in the house, you need to make sure that you are able to stand upright, especially if you have arthritis.


Do put on a pair of gloves before you wash your hand, as they can be very dangerous.


The same principle applies for your face, hand and body wash.


When you’re in a bathroom, always wash your body and face separately from your body.


It is important to wash cleanly and without the use of soap and to wash completely and thoroughly.


Do clean your skin and apply a soft, damp cloth to your skin, especially your arms, legs and chest.


Do use a soft soap and shower after washing, especially in hot weather.


Wash clean your body in hot and humid weather, but remember to wash only with a wash cloth.


When washing your face or body, do not wash your entire body, as it can cause irritation.


When wearing a bathrobe, make sure to wash in the sink.


When showering, you don´t have to take your clothes off, so make sure you wash clean before washing your body or body parts.


You should wash only once a day, as water can be contaminated.


It might be best to use warm water when showering because water contains harmful bacteria.


If washing your clothes, use soap and soap and warm water.


When dressing, always apply a light washcloth to

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