We have a new toilet fan that can be installed under the kitchen sink.

The fans can also be mounted on a wall for easier access to your toilets.

If you don’t want to go for this new idea, however, you can just buy a new one that will fit under the sink.

Read more about the new undermount fan from NUTON BATHROOM FANS. 

This new undermounted toilet fan is a nice alternative to the classic undermount fans.

It’s made from plastic, and it’s rated for 1,000 cycles per hour (or 1,200 cycles per minute, for those not in the know). 

This toilet fan will keep you warm when you are using the toilet.

It will also keep the water flowing when you don.t have a sink, but if you do have a toilet, you might as well use it. 

In addition to the new toilet fans, NUTONS NEW UNDERMOUNT FOOTPRINT SHOWER HANDLING MECHANIC is also now available for £16.99. 

The new shower handling mechanism is a feature you won’t find on many toilet products, but it is incredibly useful. 

When you press down on the back of the shower, the water will trickle back to the toilet, so you can clean up the mess. 

You can also push the backside of the water-pump outwards to flush it out, and the water comes back down to the water supply. 


We’ve also got a new £15.99 UNDERWOUND SAND CLEANER, from NOOKIES SAND, which can be used as a gentle sponge to help clean your toilet. 

Another new product from Nookies, NOOKIE’S NUTROOM HEATING SAND BLENDER, is now available.

It features a built-in fan that heats your toilet for up to six hours. 

NOOKIES has also launched NOOKY’S CLEANING WATER PUMP, which will also heat up the toilet and water supply if you don´t want to use the toilet in the shower. 

Finally, we have a brand new £9.99 WATER PROOF SHOWER FAN that will keep the shower water flowing. 

It can be connected to the same water source as your shower, so if you’re using the shower to wash your hands, the fan will work as a sponge. 

All of these new products come with a 3 year warranty.

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