By Michael S. McManus, USA TODAY Contributor The world’s biggest bathroom cabinets are everywhere.

 But for the most part, we can make them in our own living spaces, rather than relying on those giant plastic tubs.

A new report from the nonprofit, public-private partnership National Geographic Associates, suggests some unconventional ways to make them.

Among the recommendations: 1. 

Use the same floor plan to build different cabinets.


Build one to three cabinets in parallel, with each one on a different floor.


Construct a ceiling that’s 3 feet taller than the rest of the house, which can be raised in half a foot increments.


Choose a location with a shallow soil layer.


Use a stone foundation, rather a concrete one.


Build a new floor using the same material.


Build in wood to reduce weight and to add texture.8. 

Cut the cabinet away from the wall, so it can be used for other things.


Build the cabinet into a base that can be moved later.10. 

Replace all the cabinet pieces with other furniture.


If a cabinet isn’t a problem, consider building a second cabinet.


The report, titled The World’s Biggest Bathroom Cabinet, recommends the following:1.

Build a floor plan that allows for three cabinets on the same side.

The same design can be applied to all floors.2.

Use a stone base to create a floor and ceiling that height.

It should be at least 2 feet above the ground.3.

Construct the ceiling using the material on the bottom of the cabinet.4.

Use wood to add depth.5.

Build three cabinets, with one cabinet on each side.6.

Build another cabinet using the top half of the base, but using the bottom half.7. 

Install a wall that is 1-1/2 feet tall.8 – Use two walls with a 3-foot ceiling.9. 

Convert a basement into a living room, where the cabinets will sit, and where the kitchen can be built.10 – Build a living area that is about 1-3/4 feet tall, and that is connected to a dining area.11 – Construct an outdoor patio, and a roof terrace.12 – Make a full kitchen, complete with a sink and a stove.

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