What you need to know about the latest home invasion prevention measures: 1.

Determine if you should be concerned about a potential home invasion by checking out this handy home invasion checklist.2.

Take the time to learn about the threat of home invasions and how to prepare for them.3.

Read the following tips on what to do if your home gets invaded:1.

If you see your neighbors in your yard, immediately call 911.2, If you think you have been invaded, call 911 immediately.3, Make a list of all your possessions, including any valuables you may have left in your house.4, Keep your keys and your phone at home.5, Make sure your children are in the room with you when you call 911, and leave the door open when you come in.6, Get your children out of the house before they leave.7, Be aware of the warning signs of an intruder: if you see someone approaching, or hear someone talking, make a run for it.8, Make your home alarm go off before you leave the house, and make sure your lights are on.9, Be vigilant for any suspicious noises or odors that might be emanating from your home.10, Keep all your windows closed.11, Do not open your garage door if you are outside of the home.12, Take a moment to think about the possible threat posed by the person or persons in your home, and remember that you are not alone.13, Never leave your vehicle unattended while you are away from home.14, Do NOT open your car doors if you have not left it unlocked or unlocked when you leave.15, Keep the following items in your vehicle: a) A valid ID that shows your name and date of birth; b) Your driver’s license, ID card, or other government issued photo ID; c) Any other government identification that shows you have the right to be in your car.16, Have your dog with you in your bedroom, and do not allow your dog to play outside in the garage, when the dog is allowed to play.17, Do a quick check on your vehicle before leaving the house.18, Do your best to check the condition of your home before you enter, including if there is a history of damage to the exterior.19, Do the following at night before you get out of bed: keep windows closed, close blinds, and keep all doors and windows locked.20, Do any of the following to stay hydrated: keep your water at or below your own body temperature; limit water use; keep your tap water at least one hour past your scheduled time; and limit the amount of salt or other mineral added to tap water.21, Take your pets with you to bed and to the bath, shower, or play area of your bedroom when you are at your house for the night.22, Do some of the activities you enjoy at home when you do not have to worry about getting into trouble at the door of your house or at the scene of an incident.23, Take time to make sure you are safe at home before leaving your home if: you have an active emergency situation at home; you are pregnant or are breastfeeding; you have recently had an accident; you may be a victim of domestic violence or sexual assault; or you have children in the home or household.24, Do all of the other activities you would normally do at home while away from your house when you have no family members.25, If the person who enters your home or vehicle threatens to hurt you or your family members, run away immediately and call 911 or the local police.26, Take care to avoid getting into a fight with the person you are about to fight, and if you do have to fight with someone, stay calm and be prepared to defend yourself with a firearm.27, Do every precaution to protect your family from being harmed or injured by someone else who is at the house or home.28, Call 911 immediately if you feel threatened by someone in your family, and immediately call the local emergency number (1-800-222-1222) if you hear or see anyone in the area who appears to be trying to harm you.29, Never use a cellphone while driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.30, Do everything possible to avoid being involved in an accident at a home, such as staying in your own vehicle and driving away from the scene as soon as possible.31, Do yourself a favor and take a moment and do all of these things before you walk out the door: wear a hat that covers your mouth; wear a mask when walking down the street; always wear a face mask when you enter a building or home; and always wear ear protection when you get home from work.32, Keep yourself at a safe distance from any person or property you enter in the event of an emergency.33, When you have

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