It is not a new trend.

There are more and more subway tile restrooms popping up across India.

And now there are plans to have them installed in residential apartments, too.

Here is how.

The Metro tiles have been installed on Mumbai Metro subway stations in several cities and suburbs.

The tiles are installed on the tile of the subway car to provide a clean feeling to the walls.

In this case, the tiles are the new tiles for the metro tiles that will be installed on trains, buses, and other vehicles.

In some cases, the Metro tiles are also used for signage.

This new tile has a clean feel, so much so that even the driver of a train would appreciate the clean feel.

In the past, Metro tiles were often painted to a very poor color.

This has changed.

This tile is the first one to be painted with a very bright color.

In a metro, the color of the tile is dependent on the station and the distance from the station.

When you look at the tile, the tile itself is the lightest shade.

The tile itself also comes in a variety of different colors.

The color is usually blue, green, yellow, red, or orange.

The lightest shades are yellow and orange.

The tile is also painted on.

This is a common method used for many tile projects.

The tile is covered with white paint.

The paint is applied over the tile and left for two hours to remove any dust and grime.

It can take three or four hours to get the color completely off the tile.

Once the paint is off, the paint starts to dry and then a little more time is added to the drying time.

At this point, the subway tile is completely dried.

There is still a small amount of grime and dirt on the tiles.

Once the tiles have dried completely, the next step is to paint them with a color that is a mix of red, yellow and green.

The Metro tile colors are also available in a black and white.

This Metro tile is now a white tile.

The tiles are painted with red and yellow paint.

It is a white color.

The red and green paint can be applied to the tiles in two steps.

In one step, the red and red paint is sprayed onto the tile surface.

In another step, red and white paint is used to paint the tile in a darker shade of yellow and white on the surface.

After the red paint has dried, it is applied to a darker color.

Yellow and white are applied in the same step.

Finally, the yellow and red is applied on the opposite side of the Metro tile.

The subway tile has been painted white, which is the same color as the tile that was originally painted white.

In some cases where the Metro Tile is not being used as a tile, it can be used as wallpaper.

As a rule of thumb, a subway tile should be used for a wall or a ceiling.

Metro tiles can also be used in an area that is less than 100 square feet.

There can be a ceiling tile on the ground level of a house, for example.

A metro tile can also help you save money by allowing you to add a few more inches of wall space.

To see how Metro tiles work, click here.

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