A vanity cabinet can be the ultimate beauty accessory or a way to transform a room.

It can also be an elegant way to keep things tidy, or a source of color.

Here’s what to look for in a color palette to get the most out of your bathroom vanity.


Choose a Color to Match the Room A good color palette will help you identify your vanity cabinets color, which is important to your decorating.

For example, a white vanity cabinet with white trim and a pink accent trim is likely to be white.

If you choose a color that’s a shade lighter, your vanity will look darker, as it’s likely to have a pink hue.


Choose Your Color and a Background Color Your vanity will need a color to match the room, but you don’t want to color it just to match.

Instead, choose a solid color and a background color that matches your color palette.

For this example, I chose a light green and a white background.


Apply Color To The Vanity You’ll need to apply a variety of colors and backgrounds to your vanity.

This is important, as you want to make sure your vanity cabinet is bright, inviting, and invitingly colored.

To apply a color, you can either place a sticker or use a paintbrush.

For my vanity, I used a paint brush to apply some white paint.

I placed the white sticker on the vanity and placed a piece of black fabric to fill in the area of the vanity.

The fabric was so simple that I could paint it with just a few simple brush strokes.

To add a background, I just used a thin black marker.

To make my vanity brighter, I took a paint roller and applied some black paint to the base of the marker.

I used this black marker to fill the spot on the marker and to paint over the outline of the white base.

You can also add more highlights by painting over the white marker and adding more black paint over it. 4.

Create A Color Palettes To start, you’ll want to create a palette for your vanity that is bright enough that you don

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