In Dubai, the first thing you’ll notice about the modern skyscrapers of Abu Dhabi is the absence of the ubiquitous water tower.

The reason is simple: it’s an indoor water tower, meaning that the water from the surrounding landscape flows into it.

This is an important distinction to make: while the water is pumped up to the skyscraper, the water itself is not.

Instead, the tower is made of a series of pipes that connect to the surrounding water.

As water from a water source enters the tower, it is transformed into an oily substance called a gaseous gas, which is then pumped up from the water and is transformed again into a gasses, which then form the water tower itself.

This process is known as chemical vaporisation.

The city’s water tower system has become an international phenomenon over the past decade, with the Dubai Water Company and Dubai’s Ministry of Water and Power producing an estimated 100,000 tonnes of water each year from this system, making it the world’s largest industrial water supply system.

Dubai has been using this system since its construction in 1995, but it’s been getting more attention recently.

In 2014, the UAE became the first country in the world to become the first in the Middle East to install a full-scale indoor water-powered water tower – the Dubai Tower – in the middle of the city.

The Dubai Tower, which will be the world-first indoor water system in the UAE, was constructed by the Dubai-based architecture firm Groupe de l’Air.

The project was awarded the prestigious 2017 World Architecture Prize, and was completed in 2016.

The building is located in the heart of the world capital, with a total of 20 stories and an observation deck above the city’s skyscraping.

The water tower’s main purpose is to help regulate the temperature of the water that is being piped into the tower from the city and provide an ideal location for people to enjoy the view.

It is a huge step towards the city becoming a sustainable city, which has already been achieved by building the world ‘s first urban water tower and also building a water-saving irrigation system.

The UAE’s government plans to build an indoor rooftop water tower in the coming years.

This will help the city reduce its water consumption and make it more sustainable, according to the Dubai Future Water Project, a group of experts.

But while the project is a step in the right direction, there are some challenges the tower still faces.

It currently costs around Rp 3.4 billion to build, and the water supply will be supplied by the neighbouring water grid, which already has a high level of use and a water quality problem.

It will be a lot more expensive to construct a rooftop water system than a traditional water tower because the water quality in the water will not be the same, so the cost of the system will be higher.

The project’s main obstacle, though, is the fact that the Dubai government is in the process of building an underground water system, which requires a lot of infrastructure and space.

So, it’s not entirely clear how much space will be required to house the water system.

There are also concerns about how the building will affect the water’s safety.

The water tower is only a temporary solution, which means it will need to be replaced.

While the water in the tower will be pumped back into the city through pipes that are still connected to the city, the underground water will still remain in the surrounding environment.

The Future Water project is also looking for funding for more sustainable infrastructure, like installing a sewage treatment system.

If the water Tower is not built, then Dubai’s water use could increase by 20 percent.

So it’s important that the city manages the building, and that its residents are prepared for the future.

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