The most iconic bathroom rug in the history of the world has been created by New York-based designer and photographer Laura St. James.

The ‘rainbow toilet’ was designed by the artist for her own use, and it has been featured on the cover of The New York Times Magazine.

The bathroom runner is an outdoor toilet, and the idea behind it is to make it easier to urinate.

“I wanted to create a design that was fun, easy to use, easy for people to understand, and also beautiful,” she told New York magazine.

“When you’re walking through the door, the rug comes out, but the door isn’t open.”

She says the idea for the bathroom runner came about after she walked into a bar and felt the urge to wash.

She thought, “What if we were making a toilet that was a little more fun and playful?”

She decided to create the bathroom rug because she wanted to be able to get through her day with more ease, and was inspired by a number of different bathroom designs around the world.

She has been working on the toilet since 2009, but it took her almost a year to finish.

“It was very hard because I just loved my life and my life is a little weird right now,” she said.

“But I have to keep trying.”

The bathroom chair is a common object for people of all shapes and sizes.

“My friend asked me if I could make a bathroom chair, and I was like, ‘What?’

But then she asked me what the bathroom chair was for, and all of a sudden, it clicked,” she explained.

She also had a love for the shape of the toilet chair.

“The chair has a little bit of a bowl on the top, and you can feel the bottom.

You feel the weight of the water, and that’s the best part of it.

It’s very relaxing.”

St. James says that she wanted the bathroom toilet to have a similar look and feel to the chair, so she designed it to look like a toilet.

She says that the toilet was inspired to look a lot like a bathroom stool.

“A toilet that has a bowl and a stool on the front and back,” she says.

“They’re really simple ideas.”

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