The front of a bathroom is a major source of water.

The inside of the bathroom has a lot of water, so how to clean it up can make or break your shower.

A backplashes can make a bathroom smell like a swimming pool and cause you to splash around for a while.

We’ve all been there.

A few minutes of scrubbing a backplashed can take care of most problems.

The trick is to find a solution that doesn’t involve going through the bathroom again.

We found a way to remove all the water using only the front of the shower.

The water was a little damp, so we took a sponge, a towel, and a cloth to work with.

After using a sponge on the front, we turned the water off and on to rinse the towel off.

This created a sponge in the back of the water, which helped get rid of any remaining water.

We wiped the backplashing off with a damp cloth and then washed it off with soap and water.

After washing the backwater, we wiped it off using a towel.

If you’re not a fan of sponge washing, you can use a paper towel or a cotton towel instead.

You can also use a toothbrush and wipe with it.

You don’t have to use a sponge for every bathroom wash.

For the backwash, we used a soft sponge with a little bit of water added.

When it was dry, we took the sponge off, washed it with soap, and then wiped it dry with a towel to remove any water.

To remove the water from the backplate, we dipped the back plate in the water and wiped it clean with a paper towels.

Then we rinsed the sponge with soap.

This water rinse method can be repeated for the entire shower, or you can just wash the backplates with the front plate.

If you’re concerned about making a mess, try using a cloth.

The backplush can be left on the wall for a bit to get it all off.

As you can see, this simple and effective method of cleaning up the backpaint is pretty easy to do.

The only downside is you’ll have to do the shower every day, but the water can be removed easily.

Want more bath solutions?

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