Buyer beware.

A new study shows that a $150 water-based water cleaner that costs $10 will cost you about $1,500.

The study by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and University of Washington says that a cheaper option is a toilet cleaner that will cost about $10.

But it says that’s not enough to wash your toilet.

“You want to use a cleaner that is reusable,” said David Tipton, a professor of chemistry at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and lead author of the study.

“And that means you need to buy a water-absorbing product.”

The study found that using a cheap cleaner to wash toilets costs about $2,000 per year.

That means the cost of a toilet would have to be $3,500 to wash a toilet, which is roughly the cost to flush a toilet every year.

A $2.50 toilet cleaner is about the same cost as a new washing machine, Tiptons study says.

That’s because a $2 toilet cleaner will cost roughly $15 per year to replace.

The EPA says that there are two types of water-soluble cleaning products that can be used for toilets: a watery and a non-watery type.

The non-solids are cleaner, the solids are less expensive.

The study says a $1 water-containing water cleaner is more efficient at eliminating the bacteria in the water, and a $5 non-flushing water cleaner has higher efficiency.

The agency recommends using the cheapest product possible.

If you buy a product with a lower price tag, you’re likely to save money.

“If you want to save on the cost, use the cheapest water-repellent products that have a lower level of chlorine,” Tiptont said.

“You don’t need a chlorine product, but if you need a higher level of water, use a product that’s chlorine-free.”

A $1 product is more expensive than a $10 water-purifying product.

That includes a $4 water-filled toilet cleaner and a free toilet cleaning service.

Tiptoon says it’s not a good idea to buy any cheap water-proof product because it can be expensive to clean.

Water-based toilet cleaners are often found in home and business restrooms.

The best-known water-free toilet cleaner, called EnerMax, is about $30 and comes in a variety of colors.

But there are many different water-neutral products available, Tippon said.

Some of the cheaper ones cost about as much as a washing machine and require a small amount of detergent, but others can be cleaned in minutes.

“I do think there’s a lot of consumer choice in these types of products,” Tippont said, noting that most people want the best price for the product.

“But if you’re going to buy one of these expensive products, it should be water-only,” he said.

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