Floating vanity vanity vanity, aka a vanity that hangs over the toilet, is the latest trend to pop up on the internet.

A video has been circulating around the internet since the end of May, and the concept has sparked outrage from the LGBT community, many people have reported feeling uncomfortable at being in a bathtub full of mirrors, and some have been even left with broken or damaged mirrors.

“I’ve had people say, ‘This is disgusting and it’s not safe for me in the bathroom’,” Ashley Brown, a 24-year-old transgender woman who lives in Los Angeles, told Vice.

“I’m not saying that it’s okay, I’m just saying that this is a very weird feeling, I don’t think I’ve ever felt like this before.”

In addition to the stigma attached to being in the bathtub with a mirror, many transgender people have also expressed discomfort with bathrooms that are also used for dressing rooms.

The concept of floating vanity vanity mirrors has also come under fire from some in the transgender community.

In a statement on their Facebook page, The Transgender Bathroom Association of America said, “Floating vanity mirrors do not make any sense.

They’re not even necessary for this to be considered safe.

Transgender people have had to endure many barriers in our society, including being denied access to bathrooms, having our privacy invaded, being discriminated against, and being subjected to harmful discrimination and violence.

It’s time that people recognize that floating vanity mirrors aren’t the solution.

They aren’t a safe option.”

The statement continued: “If you are a trans person who has had to deal with any barriers or discrimination in your community, then floating vanity mirror should not be a barrier to you.

Floating vanity mirrors are an incredibly safe option to use and do not interfere with the bathroom privacy.”

Brown said that she felt “disgusted” at being stuck in a bathroom full of mirror, after reading about people who had experienced physical trauma and emotional distress.

“You’re just putting a mirror on top of the bathroom and you’re trying to get rid of it,” Brown said.

“But you’re also putting it up there to be a safe, public place for other people to have a bathroom that they can go into.

I don’t feel safe in the shower with that thing hanging over the wall.

There’s no way I’m going to be able to feel comfortable with that on the other side of the mirror.

This is what I feel like is not safe in a public restroom.”

Despite the controversy, some transgender people in the LGBT+ community have expressed their enthusiasm for floating vanity.

For example, an online petition on Change.org was created to help raise funds for a bathroom wall that is “floating vanity mirror”.

“The LGBT+ Bathroom Bathroom Wall is a wall that will not make people feel unsafe in their public restrooms, nor do we expect them to,” the petition read.

“Instead, we will be creating the largest, most visually beautiful wall in the world, which will be able for anyone to walk in, have a private conversation, and even wash their hands in the mirror.”

But some transgender activists have also raised concerns over the privacy of floating mirror mirrors. 

“I don and will continue to use this bathroom and will have no privacy whatsoever in it.

I have no idea why people would want to hang a mirror up there in a place like this, because if you’re not comfortable with it in there, it’s probably not the place for you,” Brown told Vice News.

As an example, Brown said that a transgender woman in Los Feliz, California, was recently forced to put up a “floated vanity mirror” because she was in a long-term relationship.

She was forced to remove the vanity mirror in a hotel bathroom because of the privacy issues it caused.

A transgender woman named Emily was also forced to move into a “public bathroom” in order to use the bathroom she wanted, but she felt uncomfortable because of it.

Emily told Vice that she feels “really unsafe” in public bathrooms, because the bathroom mirrors on the walls around her are often too small.

After a year, Emily moved out of the hotel, but the mirrors remain in her room.

“[The mirrors] feel really uncomfortable in there,” she told Vice, “because they’re so small, and it feels like, you know, I have to go to the bathroom, and I can’t have people staring at me, and that’s just not OK.”

While the concept of a floating vanity has sparked controversy, many trans people have stated that they prefer to use other bathroom facilities.

Many trans people feel that their privacy is violated when using the restroom of the gender that they were assigned at birth, according to a study published in The Journal

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