A hidden camera set and a bathroom hidden video camera can be found in the living room of the home in suburban Dallas.

The video camera and bathroom set were sold by a friend in the past month for $600.

The set was originally posted to Craigslist in March, but is now on the site again.

The house has two bathrooms and a private backyard.

The hidden camera and the bathroom are set up as a video set, which is usually made with a tripod.

They are set to work on a dark room with only a light curtain to keep the camera on.

According to the seller, the house has three bathrooms, a guest bathroom, a private patio and a backyard.

The kitchen has a sink and a counter.

“There’s no one upstairs,” the seller said.

“It’s a quiet backyard, so I figured it’d be great to keep them hidden.”

The set also has a large video camera, which the seller says is a Samsung S5 and a Panasonic DLP-T100.

One of the cameras is a Panasonic GH2 with a 2MP cam.

The other is a Sony camcorder with an 8MP camera.

There are three additional hidden camera cameras in the house.

Two are in the bathroom and one is in the guest bathroom.

A hidden camera camera set is set up on the wall of the bathroom, where it is hidden by a curtain.

(Courtesy of the seller) The second hidden camera in the backyard is set to be hidden by the bathroom curtain.

A large white lightbulb is placed on top of the camera, but it is not visible to the naked eye.

Some of the other cameras are set for the night and the lights are on in the room.

You can see one of the hidden cameras in a photo posted to Instagram by the seller.

The seller told the website the photos were taken on Feb. 16 and have since been deleted.

In addition to the camera set, the home also has two more cameras in storage.

The camera set can be seen in a bathroom, but the second camera set sits in the attic.

These cameras are both hidden cameras, but they can be used for both home and business use.

This photo shows one of three hidden camera devices on the floor of the house in suburban Atlanta.

On a photo of the items listed on the seller’s site, it shows two cameras with two different functions.

Here are two photos of the three cameras listed on his site.

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