You’ve probably seen pictures of bathrooms remodeled into home theaters, movie theaters, and more.

The biggest improvements come when you want to give your bathroom a more intimate look.

We know it can be hard to do, but we have some easy bathroom renovation tips that will make your home feel more like the one in your closet.

Read on for a full rundown of the bathroom renovation techniques.


Change the color of your bathroom tile 2.

Add a splash pool 3.

Add wall murals 4.

Add natural light 5.

Add more natural light 6.

Add light fittings 7.

Add windows and doors 8.

Change wallpaper 9.

Add tile accents 10.

Add curtains 11.

Add some natural light and curtains 12.

Add window blinds and curtains 13.

Add an extra bathroom tile or two 14.

Change your shower curtain 15.

Add decorative accents 16.

Add custom door frames 17.

Add door mirrors 18.

Add lights 19.

Add wallpaper trim 20.

Add your own custom window frames 21.

Add new bathroom fixtures 22.

Add furniture, mirrors, and decorations for your bathroom 23.

Add another bathroom tile 24.

Add something to your bathroom floor or wall 25.

Add walls or awnings for your room 26.

Add additional bathroom tile 27.

Add the bathroom door frame 28.

Add toilet tiles 29.

Add extra vanity vanity trim for your vanity 30.

Add vanity door frames for your bedroom 31.

Add accessories to your vanity, shower, and bathroom vanity 32.

Add hand-crafted art, jewelry, and decor in your bathroom 33.

Add outdoor art, sculpture, and furniture for your backyard 34.

Add artwork to your wall, vanity, and outdoor wall to add to your outdoor wall 35.

Add decorations for the bathroom mirror to add more details 36.

Add lighting to your ceiling to add the mood of the room to your room 37.

Add bathroom mirror lighting to add some color to your bedroom or living room 38.

Add waterfalls for your spa to add a splash to your shower and bathroom 39.

Add colorful walls to your kitchen to add texture to your dining room or living rooms 40.

Add accents to your home for a unique look for your home 41.

Add personalized art to your house to add details to your decor 42.

Add unique and unique-looking bathroom accessories for your house 43.

Add fireplace mantles and decorative lights to your backyard to add extra character to your living room 44.

Add bathrooms to your garden to add character to it for a splashy garden 45.

Add doors for your garage to add drama and drama to your garage 46.

Add ceiling fans for your living space to add an extra touch of drama in your living area 47.

Add art for your kitchen for more drama 48.

Add wood trim for the kitchen to make it more like a dining room 49.

Add carpeting for the dining room to add dramatic character to the dining area 50.

Add flooring and ceiling fans to add depth and drama in the dining table 51.

Add faux wood furniture for the bedroom to add variety and romance 52.

Add bookshelves to your bed to add additional character to a bedroom 53.

Add stained glass windows and door frames to add color and interest to your entire home 54.

Add kitchen sink to your front porch to add another dimension to your porch 55.

Add accent tiles and other décor to your hallway to add style and character to any living space 56.

Add large ornaments to your bath tub to add height and character 57.

Add ornate kitchen appliances to add personality to your water feature 58.

Add marble countertops to your walls to add interest to any wall 59.

Add patio furniture to add fun and interest in any living room 60.

Add faucets to your bathrooms to add excitement to your showers 61.

Add small ornamens to your ceilings to add detail and interest 62.

Add fun and dramatic light fixtures to your interior kitchen to brighten any kitchen 63.

Add bathtub curtains to your doors to add mystery and romance to any bathroom 64.

Add murals to your entryway to add atmosphere to any kitchen 65.

Add splash bath tubs to your patio to add romance to your lawns 66.

Add mirrors to your back yard to add elegance and interest into any backyard 67.

Add shower curtains to a pool to add ambiance to any pool 68.

Add hanging lamps and other light fixtures for your patio 69.

Add tables and chairs to your deck to add class to any deck 70.

Add glass wall trim for a more sophisticated look for any deck 71.

Add embellishments to your flooring or woodwork to add sophistication to any flooring 72.

Add decor to your carpeting to add flair to any rug 73.

Add tiles to your stairs to add decorative flair to your stairways 74.

Add plants and flowers to your yard to enhance the appearance of any yard 75.

Add flowerpots and baskets to your landscaping to add life and character into

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