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Former Executive Director/CEO for @TrevorProject & Former Mayor and City Councilmember @WeHoCity

West Hollywood, California
Joined April 2012
Latinas earn just 54 cents for every dollar a white man makes. RT if you demand  #LatinaEqualPay!  :  @MonaChalabi

Latinas earn just 54 cents for every dollar a white man makes. RT if you demand #LatinaEqualPay! : @MonaChalabi

I pledge to vote anti-NRA, anti-gun violence. RT if you pledge to do the same.

Australia said YES to #MarriageEquality!

A Hanukkah miracle! From this Jewish lawyer to Roy Moore's — sorry buddy, the good man won.

On tomorrow's agenda: L.A. County Pursuing Ordinances to Facilitate Affordable Housing.

The assault weapons ban was effective. When the ban was in place, the number of gun massacres fell by 37 percent. The number of people dying from gun massacres fell by 43 percent. Republicans blocked an extension of the ban. We're fighting to reinstate it. #StudentsStandUp

The President just went on Fox to complain about the facts we set out in the Democratic memo. He called me “a bad guy.” All I can say is — I’m proud to be a bad hombre.

The opponents of trans people serving openly in the military have argued that the American people don’t want trans people representing them, as they are unfit to serve. Retweet if you believe transgender troops serve with honor and deserve our respect and appreciation.

I’ve contacted Ben Carson to demand a justification for his proposal of a 300% increase in rent for low-income households. He needs to answer why on earth he thinks this will help low-income families.

Enthusiasm for @KatieHill4CA is building in California! Now she has the chance to turn a red seat blue and give her district the representation it deserves in Congress.

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