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Them Nike accounts they give players low key weaker than the Nike store clearance aisle or outlets

Mentions on mute if I don’t follow you. Sorry to ruin your day but I can’t hear you so save your breathe and fingers some time #advice

Year 5 on the way I’m only in competition with myself as you can see ♟

Year 5 on the way I’m only in competition with myself as you can see ♟

Replying to @Cantguardmike

I stay blocking like Dikembe Mutumbo. Noodles swea they tough behind they phone


I feed my family with this so please don’t play with me

I got up and ima stay up

Just keep ridin don’t go missing

They better double @nbsmallerbear don’t be foolish

I said what I said, now quote that.

Made it look easy today @Mathieu_Era can’t wait to see what you do next. Salute congratulations

LOVE YOU GANGSTA. The work was put in,in the dark. Glad the lights on. https://123twitter.com/cantguardmike/tweet/1219061107731681281

CANT FAKE THIS! GIVES ME CHILLS BRO ITS ALOT OF PAIN BEHIND THIS @TheRealFrankC_ I FEEL YOU! EM WE BALL NOW AND WE BALL LATER!!! https://123twitter.com/jamespalmertv/tweet/1219098848745922561

That’s a capture the flag move. O yeah and he just got the bag this offseason too #twin @TheRealFrankC_ https://123twitter.com/willblackmon/tweet/1219044573831299072

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